The Association
SiAmoNapoli – il cuore del Sud ®

The project

The Association SiAmoNapoli – il cuore del Sud ® is the project of entrepreneurs who, beyond the Italian borders, want to spread the genuine and millenary food, also tourist and cultural art of the former Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, respecting and rehabilitating what has been depleted and forgotten over the years in the name of progress and thirsty and absolute consumerism.

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Almost extrasensory experience

In Naples, everyone lives in an inebriated self-forgetfulness. The same happens for me too.
I barely recognize myself and it seems to me to be completely another man.
Yesterday I thought, "You were crazy before, or you are now."

Testimoninza di Goete


What we offer

Let yourself be intrigued by our offers for an experience of Neapolitan tastes and flavors

Take an active part in the project and discover all the advantages, both as a buyer and as a promoter of your products.

Simple in cooking, linked to the agro-food traditions of the territory to which it belongs, street food is probably the most “honest” among the various forms of gastronomic offers.

We have carefully selected the best products in the area. The best ones to represent a region full of traditions and typical flavors.

To be between nature, history, art and gastronomy and to discover the best through the flavors, colors and beauties of the territory.

Typical products of the territory

According to the Neapolitan grimace, the number 82 indicates «the table full of food»